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focus on cosmetics packaging materials business, the factory covers an area of over 6000 square maters, over 1000 products inventories
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Guangzhou Anran Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Focus on cosmetic plastic packaging, PETG\PET\HDPE plastic bottles, makeup Various cosmetic packaging such as product hoses, lotion pumps, sprays, etc.    The warehouse has a complete range of stock styles, which can be used for processing techniques such as printing and spraying. For the guestUsers provide a series of supporting facilities from mold opening, silk screen printing, frosting, hot stamping, spraying, etc.       The mold can be customized according to the needs of customers, and various specifications and colors can be customized.Color, welcome to inquire!
Shampoo bottle

Body wash bottle

200ml wash bottle
Large-capacity cosmetic tube
Lotion bottle
Luxury petg plastic bottle
380ml shampoo bottle
200ml pet lotion bottle
300ml petg lotion bottle
60ml pet spray bottle
200ml petg lotion bottle
60ml pet spray bottle
300ml petg lotion bottle
500ml pet body wash bottle
HDPE wash bottle
PET spray bottle
certificate display
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